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On 19 June, Paranoid turned 1 year old. Things are a little slow right now, in the run-up to MoP, so our party was modest but still fun! We have about 30-40 active members at the moment (out of approximately 100 total) and not all of them could make it. We also would have loved to see the people who are inactive now (although some keep  in touch on the forums). After all, they helped to build Paranoid as well, but expecting them to pay a month’s sub for a party is a little much, we know… Still, you guys, we’re out here, being your Azerothian family and waiting for you to find your way home!

In the meantime, we had to be content with a surprise visit from one of our Inactives, Kiariss! It was fantastic to see you, Kia! So glad you could make it! <3

Kiariss Boozy party imageWe raffled off some of the gold we’ve accumulated over the past year and threw an Oozeling in for good measure. Lots of booze was had by all and screenies mostly came out looking like that –>

Of course, a raid on Orgrimmar was required as well. Can’t have a Paranoid Party without /licking Garrosh Hellscream, now can we?

Somehow, we all died on top of Grommash Hold, which wasn’t incredibly convenient, as we had no way to get close enough to resurrect there. Spirit Healers were employed and Res Sicknesses contracted, and back we flew! Into the Orc’s den!

A brave Undead priest and later also a hunter tried to protect Garrosh’ innocence, but it was all in vain… Paranoid /licked and /slapped the Horde whelp and Ems even managed to steal his chair!

Ems the Chair Stealer

Here’s to another successfull year of Paranoid. May we all be shy and socially weird together! Hurrah!

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  • Demi says:

    Hurrah for Paranoid! I always forget to check the front page…
    So sorry I couldn’t be there. But if it is any comfort I ate six homemade cupcakes at the baby shower I was at. They were delicious! There were a lot of ladies worrying about their bikinibodys so I had to step up and take one for the team. And I don’t wear bikinis so hey!

    But I’m digressing. Had it not been for me old guildmate Ernee/Salad/Dora writing on our then guildforums I never would have met you guys and probably would have left wow altogether. (Ye rait). So a cheer for ESD! /Target ESDwhereveryouare /Cheer /Hug

    I went from being paranoid, (get it? Paranoid. No? Call me, I’ll explain), every time I was healing and something went bad in a LFG, to tanking without wetting myself. Yes, this really is progress, tanking is the scariest thing i have ever done in wow. Next step is to tank in LFR *shudders* And it’s all thanks to the safe environment created by you guys and gals! Give yourself a pat on the shoulder. And a beer while you’re at it. Put your feet up. Have a cupcake. Have more cupcakes!

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