Guild News

Paranoid Guild LogoFounded in June 2011, Paranoid is a guild for the socially awkward, the shy, the people who’d like to raid, but get a headache just thinking about all the things they could screw up. The people who type a message to someone who’s LFM in trade, then backspace, then type, backspace, type, stare at what they’ve written, backspace again and go quest on their own. And if they do press enter, they’re relieved if they get the reply: “Sorry, full.”

The people who’ve never seen Naxxramas or even vanilla dungeons, because the thought of grouping with strangers (or even guildies) freaks them out. The people who don’t like talking in gchat. The people who are actually quite lively in gchat, but refuse to speak on vent. The people who would like to try tanking, but haven’t gotten any further than taunting mobs off the NPCs on that pvp island between Conquest Hold and Amberpine Lodge in Grizzly Hills. The people who’d like to see all the game content, not just the stuff you can solo. But if you want to solo, you just do it, without others trying to press you into grouping/talking/whatever.

Paranoid is a no-pressure guild and we have a pretty successful raid team (flex = room for everyone!) We don’t demand you have your mains with us, we don’t ask you to read tactics and/or watch videos (I know it doesn’t help me at all!), we don’t care if you make a mistake that wipes the raid (seriously, we’re too busy worrying about our own mistakes), we won’t think badly of you if you suddenly need a break if you can’t take it anymore and it won’t cost you a raid spot. If you’d like to join with an alt and raid with us on a main, that’s fine!

We aimed to bring a bunch of people together who get this. Really get it. We want to play with the like-minded, who also sometimes say: “I’m out of social energy. I have to go” or “I need to turn off gchat for a while.”

Yes, we’re still around! Quietly plodding along, tilling our fields, doing our dailies and, of course, wiping our raids. Garrosh would also have fallen for our War Machine led by a bloodthirsty panda-gnome named NepantheMips, if it weren’t for Thrall, who chased him off at 1% (damn you, Thrall!)

Garrosh kill, tho not technically a kill.

Garrosh doesn’t photograph well, so he waited off-camera.

2 weeks before 5.3, on the last try of our first evening!




Adding something, anything, to the front page to make it look more alive has been on my list of things to do for a while, but I always seem to end up on the forums complaining about the state of PvP instead.  In any case, we’re still going strong, and despite the lack of posts here this isn’t a dead guild that everyone forgot about.  Huzzah!

Gnomes saying hello make everything better.